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“Well the highways they take longer, and it don’t always pay to wander….” – Joe Purdy, “Highways”road-asphalt-space-sky-56832


Roads have always played a prominent role in the life, history, and formation of the United States.  From the National Road to the Lincoln Highway to U.S. Route 66 to the Interstate Highway System, our highways have been able to link disparate parts of our large nation together.


Yet what about the roads and highways that never were, or might have been?  There are many stories of many thoroughfares that were never built.  Politics, historical preservation, environmental concerns, and good old-fashioned NIMBYism all played a huge part in telling the story of which highways in our nation got constructed, and which didn’t.  Join me on a journey as we learn and explore an off-the-path history of America’s canceled highways!

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