A Word of Warning

Just a cautionary tale for all you budding writers out there: I would strongly recommend that when you do your writing, DO NOT do your composing directly online.  My most recent post that I was working on was somehow deleted without my doing anything.  The title was there, but all writing and pictures….gone.  Nothing in the trash either.  Apparently when WordPress says your most recent draft is “saved”, it does not mean it’s stored on a secure server somewhere ready to be restored if something happens.  So, on that note…make frequent backups, and do your writing on a local program on your local computer, and THEN upload it to WordPress when you’re done.  Hard lesson learned.


Edit:  Well, it turns out I was wrong.  Very, very wrong, thankfully.  WordPress actually does keep old drafts of your posts.  If any one you have the same problem, check out this discussion in the WP forums: “Help!? Draft Post Disappeared!”  O me of little faith!  The lost post was found!  Still, I would encourage everyone to do what I haven’t been doing: backup early and often!

Look for the next (now-recovered) post in the next week or so.

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